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Real People Real Stories

Sarah’s Story

By 1st January 2019March 15th, 2019No Comments
Real People Real Stories

Sarah Campbell

After reaching a point where I was so unhappy with how I looked and felt and trying different gyms and exercise programmes,  I finally managed to find the confidence in October 2017, to get me through the door of the Fighting Fit Academy To start with I had Personal training sessions just to build up my confidence and ability to do the exercises. Topping the scales at 13st I was reserved, nervous, and unable to hold a plank for 5 seconds let alone do one  sit up! After a few session I gained the confidence to join the ladies kickboxing classes, and then one circuit class a week. Slowly but surely I could do 10 sit ups and plank for a whole 30 seconds! That may not sound like much now but trust me it was for me. Upping my classes to 2 a week after just a couple of months I began to believe a little more that this was going to work. We began to weigh in weekly and it was then that I drastically changed my diet and eating habits. Not only did I start to see the pounds fall off, I felt so much better in myself. Less tired and lethargic which resulted in more energy to push that bit harder. each class.  Before I knew it I was doing 3 classes as week, soon  pushing that up to 4 and braving to work out next to the people that I saw as hugely inspirational!

Throughout the whole process Richard provided support and guidance on a food plan, strengthening exercises for my core, as it was nonexistent, and was always there to listen to me when I had a melt down or felt ‘I couldn’t do it’ The truth is I could ……And I did.  After just 14 months I hit my target of loosing 2 1/2 stone. A year later I am still balancing a healthy lifestyle with a different mind set and attitude towards food and exercise, with my weight balancing at 10st7lb. I still like to push harder in class each time getting stronger and more determined.  I know for a fact I would never have goo the place I am at now without the support of Richard and Lisa and the amazing support of all my new friends at the Fighting Fit family so I have just one thing to say….THANK YOU!!!

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